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All residences serviced: D.E.S empty, clear out and clean various living arrangements. Every job is unique. Whether it be a country villa, apartment, rest home unit, estate or town house, we'll get it done.

Bedrooms: Beds, wardrobes, old clothes, drawer sets, vanities are all removed. D.E.S then sell the saleable items to help you cover costs, donate what can't be sold and dispose what remains before cleaning.

Kitchens: The heart of all homes! They take a beating over the years. We donate any old food to charities and food banks before emptying the kitchen of all cutlery, glasses, plates, cooking utensils, fridges, cleaning products, etc. 

Drawers / Cupboards: Inside and out, top to bottom. Cleaning up greasy finger marks, stains, etc. Our professional commercial grade steam cleaner makes short work of any grime. 

Study / Offices: Whatever the rooms were used for makes no difference to D.E.S. They will all be empty and clean once we are finished. 

Floors: Polished wood, concrete or carpet. We are happy to clear, clean, polish or vacuum any floor surface.

Bathrooms: Grimy and run down. The bathroom and kitchens always require the most work but the end results are night and day. They're also a big factor for any potential property buyers. You can tell a lot about a house by the way the kitchen and bathrooms look and smell.

Ensuites: Taking a tired bathroom and making it pop again is something we take great pride in. Spa / baths and mould and grime go hand in hand. Nothing a deep clean won't fix (if requested).

Showers: Regardless of the layout or condition, we'll tackle it. Showers, spas, baths, sinks, we'll have it clean and ready to sell in no time. 

Details: It's all in the attention to detail. We understand not everyone requires a "deep clean", however, we do each and every job to a high standard and if required, without being too pedantic. Our cleaning service isn't mandatory but we highly recommend it, especially when selling a property and getting the best bang for buck come time to list. 

Toilets: Someone has to do the dirty work! Commercial cleaning products and elbow grease help to return toilets to a clean and fresh area. A must when trying to sell a listing. 

Sills and Skirtings: Along with light switches and plug sockets, window sills and skirting boards are often overlooked but more often than not, always in need of a good clean. Part of our standard cleaning services (if requested).

Carpets: Decades of fluff, dust and buildup are no match for our industrial strength vacuum cleaners. Whether you want a quick vac or deep wet clean, we have you covered. 

Tiles: Our commercial grade steam cleaners bring out the best in tile floors. Due to many various household conditions, they won't always come out looking brand new but they will come out looking as best as they can. 

Garages / Sheds: Tools, lawn mowers, freezers, work benches, ladders, sports gear, we've seen it all. Nothing is new to us. Everything will be removed and air blown out. Empty and fresh!

Barns and Farms: It doesn't matter if it's an orchard, farm, lifestyle property or residential address, D.E.S have you covered. Barns to garden sheds and everything in between.

Vehicles: If the deceased has a vehicle or vehicles, that need to be sold, we can take care of this. New, old, not running, de-registered, no WOF, from one vehicle to many, let D.E.S handle it.

Heavy Haulage: From large tractors to buses and more, we will remove it ourselves and/or organise removal on your behalf using our connections. We've seen it all, from neglected farm machinery to hoarder buses.

Skip Bins: In most cases, using a skip bin (small or large) is the most cost effective way of removing the refuse from an estate. We organise the appropriate size, the drop off, filling and removal.

Pets: Sadly, if no one in the immediate family can take care of pets, worry not, D.E.S will find a loving family or "worst case", a suitable SPCA to adopt him/her. We are massive animal and pet lovers! Pets and donating to struggling families are priority. 

Lawns: As well as our full interior cleans, we also offer full exterior yard work. No matter the lawn size, push or ride on mower, D.E.S have all the machines to get it done.

Gardening: D.E.S also offer weed removal, weed eating, leaf blowing, water blasting, chain saw work and miscellaneous D.I.Y home maintenance services.  If it needs fixing, we can fix it.

Water Blasting: Whether it's old grim and stains from your homes weatherboards, mold from pathways or oil stains on driveways, we'll get rid of it and get it looking as best as humanly possible.

Decluttering: D.E.S also offer a decluttering service. We come in a clean out the junk, dispose of what you no longer require and make room for a fresh new start. Get that Hobby Room back!

Window / Glass Cleaning: Interior and exterior cleaning. 

Steam Cleaning: From kitchen sinks, basins, showers, baths and floors. Our commercial grade steam cleaners bring out the best in any property. 

Hedge Trimming: Overgrown bushes and shrubs block pathways and minimise outdoor space. Trimming them back not only creates a cleaner look but maximises your outdoor space. A big selling point when listing a property is having a good sized outdoor area.

Leaf Blowing: After all the hard work like hedge trimming, weed eating and lawns have been completed, a leaf blower will take care of the small left over debris including leaves of course. We have all the machinery and know how to tackle any section.

Home Maintenance: We have all the professional tools and machinery to tackle any D.I.Y job. From fixing broken doors, loose timber on decks and gates to repairing misc / odds and ends around the home. If for some reason we can't do it, we'll organise it.

Returns: Once your account has been cancelled, leave the rest to us. We'll remove and organise collection / deliver your decoder to the nearest Sky TV returns shop. We also handle St. Johns medical alarms, hospital walking and toilet aid returns on your behalf.

Selling Chattels: Whether it's TV's, furniture, vehicles, tools or a bunch of lawnmowers, we'll sell it on your behalf and get them gone.

Scrap Metal: Regardless if it's a wheelbarrow full to a truck load, from heavy engines to large tractor parts, we'll remove it and have it looking clean in no time. 

Food Bank: Nothing goes to waste. D.E.S makes it priority that anything donatable, gets donated. Clothes, linen, toys, old electronics, books, tools and of course, food. Nothing worse than disposing of usable items. If someone can use it, we'll salvage it. Going to the refuse tip is an absolute last resort for D.E.S.

Mess: Lastly... don't be ashamed or embarrassed of the house your loved one left behind. It is what it is and we've seen it all. From clean and tidy to hoarders and everything in between. We don't mind, nor should you. D.E.S are here to help.


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