Our professional and dedicated team will step in and take care of everything from start to finish which includes but not limited to; emptying the property inside and out as well as heavy haulage (cars, caravans, trucks, boats, tractors, heavy steel, etc) and organising the skip bins, right through to the deep post clean. WE SERVICE THE ENTIRE NORTH ISLAND. D.E.S Ltd complete all the work in-house. We do not source contractors as some other companies do. We quote, clear, clean, sell and complete all the work ourselves. Below are just some of the services we offer:

Emptying and Clearing

We begin by clearing out the property of all the refuse, broken and damaged chattels, and waste. We also remove items from any sheds, garages, barns or other dwelling's on the same property. As we complete the first stage, we separate items to keep, dispose of, donate or put aside for the family. 

Locating Heirlooms

Sometimes there are items which the family must have or have been searching for, for many years. If this is the case, just let us know prior to commencing and our team will track them down during the emptying process and put them carefully to one side. The family can then come in and remove these articles in their leisure.

Interior Cleaning

If requested, after the initial clear out stage, we can then proceed to clean the interior. Some properties can really benefit from a professional deep clean. Cleaning often includes; steam cleaning, wall and ceiling marks and cobweb removal, nicotine stain and odour neutralisation, windows, skirtings, vacuum, carpet cleaning, steam mopping, etc.

Extreme Grime Cleaning

No matter how bad the state of the dwelling or its contents are, if it needs to be cleaned, we'll attend to it. Due to years of neglect, it can be hard to return them to their former glory, but we can definitely get them looking as good as humanly possible which is always a major transformation. 

If required, we can clean; grease covered kitchen ovens, doors, pantries, nicotine stains, walls, ceilings, windows, mould and any other extreme grime situations. We can also safely remove and clean human and rodent faeces and any other bio hazards.  

Exterior / Yard Work

If you are trying to sell the property, a neglected and overgrown section is not an ideal first impression. If requested, our team will attend to the exterior of the property and totally transform it; from tired and run down to a beautiful saleable section. It not only makes the property more presentable, if also offers a better scale of the property size demonstrating to would-be buyers / developers, scope and potential.

Our services can include: Cutting overgrown lawns, tree pruning and removal, bush trimming and shaping, shrub and bush removal, chainsaw work, extensive weeding, water blasting pathways, decks and fences, soft washing the house, clearing gutters, refuse and waste removal like steel, bricks, clutter and everything in between. We also offer DIY services like reinstalling doors, touch up painting and various repairs.

Vehicle Removal and Sales

If there are vehicles present, fear not, we will remove them from the property and dispose of them accordingly. If they are too far gone (lapsed registration / no WOF) and / or in extremely bad condition, we will have them scrapped. 

If the vehicles are saleable, we will take them back to our yard, inspect them at our workshop with hoist, clean them up and sell on behalf of the family. We can remove; cars, vans, buses, trucks, motorcycles, quad bikes, mobility scooters, boats, yachts, tractors and any other method of transportation. No matter if the vehicles are modern or classic, running or not, we will have them gone and the section tidied up. 

Heavy Haulage and Scrap Removal

Whether it be tractor parts, scrap iron, steel or metal, we will get it sorted. If there is a large volume, we will organise scrap metal bins and fill them up whilst sorting out the different metals like aluminium, copper, steel, brass, etc. 

The scrap company will then uplift the bins and take them away. In most cases, depending on the volume of scrap metal, location collected from and the current scrap metal prices, you may receive cash for the scrap metal. Regardless of the amount, if you need it removed, we will get it sorted!

Donating to Charity

When we find items that are too good to dispose of but not good enough to sell, we will put them to one side and donate them to the closest local charity. It might not be much, but to some, it is a lot like; old toys, clothing, dated electronics that still work, sports equipment, kitchenware, etc. When so much of the properties contents are waste and disposed of, it is refreshing to find and save items and give them another shot at life.

Transporting Items to Storage Facility

If your family, or client, are on a short time frame and need to have the house on the market but no where to move the contents, we can uplift the main furniture pieces and personal belongings and transport them to a local storage facility. We can also pack them ready for moving long distances. Moving items to storage is a last resort option for most but fear not, we will help you get it sorted.

Firearm Removal and Sales

When clearing out a property, we come across all kinds of articles, yes, even firearms. We are licensed firearms holders whom are trained to deal with all kinds of rifles and close combat weapons, including B-Endorsement pistols and revolvers as well as C-Endorsement collectors pieces. We have close connections to police authorities and weapons specialists. 

Prior to uplifting firearms from the property, we first complete stringent safety checks to make sure none of the firearms are loaded, that the chambers are clear, the magazines and bolts have been removed and that the safety's are engaged. Then and only then do we (covertly) remove these firearms from the property. These are then sold on behalf of the client in accordance with local police authorities and the district arms officers. 

Returning Items on Behalf

If there are walking aids, toilet / shower aids and other mobility equipment present which belong to the local Hospital or 3rd party, we will return these items for you. We also return mobility Walking, shower, shower aides, etc, Sky decoders, St Johns medical alarms, abandoned supermarket trollies and other items that do not belong to the client or family. We can also uplift and sell similar items such as mobility scooters and stair lifts.

Open to Any Special Requests

We understand that every property and situation are completely unique and we are open to any specific requests, questions or help that you may require. No matter how unusual you may think the request is, please do not hesitate to ask! Together, we will work out a solution to best handle the task. If we don't have the capacity or skill (ie; power line down, replacing damaged roof tiles or framework, etc), we can organise it all on your behalf and have it sorted while we complete the rest of the work. Any questions? Just ask! 

As per the photos in our gallery, the transformation is simply amazing. Night and dayD.E.S Ltd are discreet, fast and do it from the heart. Our dedicated and caring team  utmost respect and confidentiality. Everyone is different and none of us are perfect. We do not judge so please never feel embarrassed or ashamed of your situation. We've seen and done it all so nothing scares us. We work on behalf of family, trustees, solicitors and the DHB. Call 0800 300-DES (337) today! 

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