Deceased Estates

D.E.S take care of everything from start to finish. Fast, discreet, competitive pricing and unrivalled results. We go above and beyond and make sure each and every job exceeds our clients expectations. We work with family, trustees, real estate agents and solicitors. 

The following is a step by step breakdown of how it all works to help you better understand and feel comfortable about the D.E.S process. There are 3 main steps when it comes to Deceased Estate clean outs: Empty, interior clean, exterior yard work. 

Step 1 - Removal of Chattels: First things first, the house, garage(s) and property need to be emptied of all furniture, chattels, personal belongings and refuse. During this procedure, D.E.S determine what items are suitable for SellingDonating or Rubbish in a timely and precise manner. Doing this on a daily basis, we are well drilled with what is saleable, donatable or rubbish. 

^ Selling: Once family have been through, more often than not there are little to no value items remaining. However, we do our absolute best to find buyers for items like: modern TVs, wardrobes, drawers, couches, tables, etc. We have fantastic contacts in the antique and secondhand industries as well as more precise buyers for items like: books, records, watches, art, coins, jewelry etc. 

Donating: Items of little to no value (pens, pads, old toasters, kettles, VHS machines, clothes, etc) are not worth the time seeking buyers for and are donated to the nearest Charity store. A signed donation sheet is completed by the charity shop for documentation purposes for you / the client. 

^ Rubbish: Sadly, not everything can be reused or donated and must be binned. We try our best to limit waste and are big on giving back. Miscellaneous smaller items like old toiletries, broken furniture, stained clothes, rubbish, etc, go straight into the skip bin or the nearest transfer station. 

Step 2 - Interior House Cleaning: Once the house is empty, it's time to clean (if required / requested). Our cleaning services cover the entire house, from: Kitchen including cupboards, drawers and ovens to bedrooms, conservatories, bathrooms, toilets, and showers. Cleaning details include: Skirting boards, ceiling / wall cobwebs and window sills, to grimy light switches / plug sockets, vacuuming and steam mopping. D.E.S use the best cleaning products and commercial grade gear to get the job done right, the first time.

We cater to your requests so all cleans are 100% customisable. From a mild wipe down to a full deep clean (or no clean at all). As most estates go straight on the market, we highly recommend having the house cleaned. This results in a fresh, tidy and presentable property. A clean and fresh smelling house adds value to the property so you can achieve the best price possible. We work with numerous real estate agents so we know what they like and fully understand what is required to sell, sell, sell!

Step 3 - Exterior / Garden Work: While we believe interior cleans are worth doing in every job, exterior yard work is optional (if required / requested). From weeding, water blasting, gardening, windows, lawn mowing (push or ride on) to general tidy up duties like organising or removing pot plants, old deck chairs and garden gnomes. We can also take care of any D.I.Y tasks that need attending, like repairing broken odds and ends, door hinges, wall holes, etc. We have the tools and know how. Specific requests can be discussed during the walk through (quote).

While not every estate requires lawns, weeding or a general exterior tidy up, if the property is going to market, it is definitely worth considering. Outdoor patios, a backyard requiring TLC and other selling points overrun with weeds detract from the property. Once these areas are addressed, the sale potential and price of the property increases. You don't sell a property everyday so if your backyard is a mess, we encourage our clients not to cut corners and do it once, do it right. This results in a higher market price. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote and remember, "Don't stress, call D.E.S!"

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