If you wish to obtain a fast, free, no obligation estimate, please fill in the fields below as best as possible. The more information we receive, the better we can price the work required. In some cases (example: "Hoarder status jobs") true scale and scope can only be witnessed in person so a time to view the property to quote may need to be organised. Regardless, depending on location, an on site quote is available if requested. 

When you receive your estimate and wish to proceed, we will send through the contracts, and pencil the job into our schedule. Standard lead times are 5-12 days. D.E.S will then come and complete the quoted work to the highest standard and in a timely manner. No more headaches, no more procrastination or waiting for all the family to get organised... D.E.S will be in and out within a matter of days so you can move on with life.

Pictures speak a thousand words! Photos are required for us to price the work accordingly. They don't have to be anything fancy, we call them "Doorway Photos"! Simply stand at the doorway of each room and take a photo. The more of the room or area we can see, the easier it is for us to the gauge the scope and scale of the work required resulting in a more precise estimate. Please see examples above as a guide. You can attach your images at the end of our form below by clicking the "[ Choose File ]" button below the message box.

Address (where you would like D.E.S to complete the work). For the purposes of bin pricing, access and logistics.
What kind of services do you require?
 Emptying of contents only.
 Emptying and interior cleaning.
 Emptying, interior cleaning and exterior yard work.
How many bedrooms does the dwelling have?
How levels does the dwelling have?
Please describe access to the house entrance:
Are there any garages or workshops that need emptying?
How would you describe the content volume in the house?
Do you require any interior cleaning?
Do you require any exterior gardening work?
Would you like us to sell / remove any vehicles? 

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