Real Estate Ready

More often or not, after completing a Deceased Estate contract for our clients, the next step is listing the property on the market. We realise that not every situation revolves around the passing of a family member or friend so D.E.S offer this stand alone service. This service is aimed at those wishing to sell their tired and run down property who don't have the time, tools, capability or will to do it themselves.

D.E.S have worked with countless real estate agents so we know what they like, what is required to maximise the selling potential of a property and what it takes to get it ready for the market ("Real Estate Ready"). Not renovations per-se but cleaning up, landscaping and deep cleans to take a tired and run down property and have it ready for the open home.

We consider our Real Estate Ready service to be the best bang for buck value around. What you spend on our service will be returned 6-10 fold come time to list your property. It's not uncommon for our services to increase a properties value by $50,000-$100,000+ in a matter of days. The old adage is true, in order to make money, you have to spend it. 

If you're ready to sell your beloved but tired and run down property and require D.E.S to step in and give your home and section some much needed TLC. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote and remember, "Don't stress, call D.E.S!"