Hoarding Help

Deceased Estate Services Ltd are here to help in even the most overwhelming of Hoarder situations. Whether a client has passed on or a family member requires urgent help as it's just unbearable and not to mention unsanitary, D.E.S will help clear, clean and organise the property once and for all. We take care of everything from start to finish which includes but not limited to; emptying the property inside and out as well as heavy haulage (cars, caravans, tractors, heavy steel, etc) and organising the skip bins, right through to the deep post clean.

Our small, professional, well-drilled team will step in and separate items for donation, sale and refuse. After a deep interior house clean has been completed, we then organise the remaining chattels and personal items in the house. This not only looks clean and tidy, but is done in such a manner or "system" that the client has the absolute best chance of maintaining the property when left unsupervised to prevent them from relapsing. 

If and when any heirlooms, photos and prized possessions are located during the clear out, they are carefully placed to the side and organised later. We also take care of completely emptying out the property of all contents in situations where the client has passed on. D.E.S are discreet, fast and do it from the heart. We realise this is a disorder so treat every case with the utmost respect and confidentiality. We do not judge so please never feel embarrassed or ashamed of your situation. We've seen and done it all so nothing scares us. D.E.S work on behalf of family, trustees, solicitors and the DHB. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote and remember, "Don't stress, call D.E.S!"